About me...

I found a wonderful quote about art that I really connect with:

 "Artists don't get down to work until the pain of working is exceeded by the pain of not  working." 
 Stephen DeStarbler

Being an artist is a permanent and inseparable part of my self identity.   I'd be lost without all that it gives me.   When something effects me emotionally,  I think about using my photos in those terms.  Expressing those feelings in a visual medium like photography can take many forms; from uplifting and joyous to calming, meditative, reflective and sorrowful.  I don't just love to create art, I need to.

I can spend hours on end editing one photo to achieve the narrative I want.  Adding elements, layers, additions and sometimes, subtractions, help the photo tell the story. I never find the long process tedious, just very focused and very satisfying.

My photography may be interpreted very differently by each person related to their own experience in the world, but my hope is that the viewer is in some way touched by or feels a familiarity or connection to what they see.